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Written by Catherine Saxelby on Saturday, 09 January 2016.
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Sponsor this site
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Want to be associated with positive nutrition? Moderation and sensibility? No diet extremes or fads - just solid advice on healthy eating for busy bodies? Then why not consider becoming a Sponsor of this site for three, six or 12 months? If your product or service is right, it could be a win-win for both of us. 

 What you get

  • Highly prominent placement at the top right on all pages. 
  • Link directly to your website or Facebook page or YouTube channel.
  • One 300×250 pixel rectangular ad unit that, with just a click, will take my visitors directly to you.
  • No ugly banner ads or competing sidebar ads. There are only 3 spots on the whole site.
  • Our audience is very loyal and interested to see what Catherine eats and recommends.
  • One of only 3 selected sponsors that are compatible with my philosophy on healthy eating.
  • Support via Social Media -  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.

Is this for me?

This would suit you if you or your client have a new website or product based on healthy eating and want to drive people there from the Foodwatch site. Your audience would be busy women (mainly, but some men) who want to eat healthily and manage their weight but who don't have a lot of time. 

To request more detail

Please contact us and put SPONSOR in the subject line. I'd love to hear from you.  I will email you a Presenter document, request form and details of where to post or courier your product (if appropriate).

Request a Sponsor Pack now

Sponsorship rates

The minimum Sponsorship is 3 months. This is the smallest investment and works well for both client and Foodwatch, as it allows time to capture impressions and clicks, and allows for any strategic alliances to unfold. There are two longer choices:

  • 6 months
  • 12 months - with a 25% discount off the full rate.

Please contact me and you’ll receive a reply with full costings and details.

Note: You can change your image three times over the 12 months.

 The detail

  • Full amount payable on booking. I'll email you an initial booking form with invoice.
  • Artwork is your responsibility but please ensure your image is exactly 300 height and 250 width. Low-res e.g. around 50 KB. Shorter images are acceptable ie 300 x 125 pxls.
  • Each quarter, you’ll receive a summary of impressions and click-throughs.
  • Catherine reserves the right to refuse advertising if she thinks your product is not compatible with her philosophy on health.


Contact me to discuss Sponsorship.