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Product snapshot: Tomato pasta sauces

18 September 2023 by Catherine Saxelby

Product snapshot: Tomato pasta sauces

What’s in your favourite tomato pasta sauce, and how much of it? Here are the most popular sauces reviewed for your reading pleasure. I’ve rated nine of the most popular tomato pasta sauces in terms of their nutrition, ingredient lists and jar size. You’ll find many of these in your local supermarket. The sauces are ranked: from Italian (Italy grows the reddest full-flavoured tomatoes) to Australian per 100 grams, which is equivalent to 3½ ounces (the standard for...

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Product Review: Low-sugar alcoholic ginger beer

1 March 2023 by Catherine Saxelby

Product review: Low-sugar alcoholic ginger beer

Want something to drink before dinner? Something that’s LOWER in alcohol than wine? To match his beer? Then look no further than...

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Best 8 posts from 2022

18 January 2023 by Catherine Saxelby

Top 8 posts from 2022

What was popular in nutrition in 2022? Here is my list of the top 8 posts from last year. It’s easy to know which of Foodwatch’s...

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Product snapshot: Khorasan Macaroni

14 September 2022 by Catherine Saxelby

Product snapshot: Berkelo’s Khorasan Macaroni

I’m loving this macaroni from Berkelo. I was sent a sample for Whole Grain Week 2022 by the Grains Legume Nutrition Council. I...

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Product Review: super-high-oleic-safflower-oil

11 May 2022 by Catherine Saxelby

Product review: Super high-oleic safflower oil

“What does super high-oleic mean?” I hear you ask.  Also, “I haven’t heard of safflower for ages. What’s the deal?”...

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Product Review: Healthy Life Food Tracker

6 April 2022 by Catherine Saxelby

Product review: Healthy Life Food Tracker

When I was first asked to write this review, I thought, Not another tracker. After all, there have been several in recent years,...

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