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Written by Catherine Saxelby on Thursday, 07 January 2016.
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Get your product reviewed
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Catherine reviews many new foods, supplements and dietary products for no payment. It's part of her role as a nutritionist and dietitian as it helps shoppers understand the pros and cons before they buy. If you have a product you would like Catherine to review, why not request a Sponsored Product Review?

Our fee

  • As reviewing products is time-intensive and requires us to find tasters, we charge for a Review. Please note this does NOT guarantee you a favourable Review.
  • If you would also like a précis of the review added to our Newsletter (which has over 20,000 subscribers) as well as Facebook (over 10,000 followers), Twitter or X (over 8,000 followers) and Instagram (over 7,500 followers), that service is available for an extra fee.

The benefits to you

  • Associated with a well-known and highly-regarded nutrition expert. 
  • Your Review stays forever on the Foodwatch site.
  • Searchable by Google and other search engines; the Foodwatch site has been around since 1996 and ranks well on Google - so your review quickly appears on page one of Search Results.
  • Permanent links back to your website or product page.
  • Pack shots - three guaranteed, but often more, depending on how photographable your product is.
  • Nutrition Information Panels  and Ingredient Lists so my readers can see everything.
  • Honest and practical assessment from someone sensible and moderate. 

Let my readers FALL IN LOVE with your product. 

To request a Review

Please contact us and put REVIEW in the subject line. We'd love to hear from you. We have accredited dietitians (APDs) waiting to review your product or service. We will email you an info form and details of where to post or courier your product.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Foodwatch Review Criteria

clipboardCatherine's Reviews have four main areas – nutrition, convenience, taste and sustainability. Nutrition is our big thing so it gets a score out of 20, then Taste, Convenience and Sustainability each get a score out of 10. This gives an overall score out of 50 to earn a Foodwatch Apple rating.

Foodwatch Apples range from 0 Apples (a terrible score) up to 10 Apples (brilliant). 

Want more? To read the detail on our criteria, please click here

Examples of sponsored reviews

Since 2008, my team and I have carried out over 100 Product Reviews covering foods from coconut yoghurt to konjac no-calorie noodles. We reckon we've now got the best and fairest method! See these examples:

For Birdseye Plant-based meats:

Bol Ingredients smll

For Leggo's Organic Sauces:

Fettucine Bowl Jar Lspe fnl

For Like Milk:

Like Milk Lspe smll

For Nourish'd Meals:

Big Breakfast Interior

For Alpine Low-carb Bread:

small LowCarbBread tsr


For Freedom Foods with their Messy Monkeys brand:

MessyMonekys All Tsr

 For BarleyMax high-fibre breakfast cereals:

Bars 4up fnl

For Simply Soups:

For Kanzi Apples:


For Woolworths Michelle Bridges Delicious Nutritious range of ready meals:

MBDN Butter Chicken Closeup

For Lupin Foods lupin flakes:

Lupin Flakes striped

 For V8 Power Blend Juices:

PowerBlends Trio Tsr


Contact me  via the form below to discuss a Review of your product. Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if easier.