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Read on - here I take a look at these cute mini-pots of fresh growing herbs for your kitchen. Are they worth buying? Are they easy to look after?

Product Snapshot – Five Tastes Stir Fry Shots

A healthy, authentic Asian stir fry sauce should be a celebration of fresh Asian spices and herbs. To gather all the fresh ingredients yourself can be expensive and balancing the flavours can be tricky.  Happily, Five Tastes Stir Fry Shots can do this for you. They come in four flavours, and the two I tried, Thai Basil & Chilli and Vietnamese Lemongrass & Kaffir Lime, really stood out in terms of both taste and health.

24 June 2020 by Guest reviewer

Superfood Stir-fry  (Salmon Chow Mein)

Superfood Stir-fry (Salmon Chow Mein)

Enjoy a meal in a wok and get 7 of my top 20 super foods – in one dish! It’s quick, delicious AND healthy! The 7 superfoods in...

1 April 2020 by Catherine Saxelby

Blue-eye cod & snow pea stir-fry

Here's a summer stir-fry recipe to head off the obesity crisis. It's got ample vegetables, a serve of lean protein (fish, meat,...

19 July 2009 by Catherine Saxelby