Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook
  • Souped Up and Sensible ebook

    Souped Up and Sensible ebook

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    The SMART way to lose weight

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    The SMART way to lose weight

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    Make soup your secret weapon

    Forget those silly soup diets. Catherine Saxelby’s Souped Up and Sensible is the smart way to eat for great nutrition and to help you lose those unwanted kilos.

    At last, you can ditch that boring, same-same, kick-start, cabbage soup diet! Here under one cover is the final word on soup, its uses and its role in weight loss.

    This book shows you how to make soup your healthy, secret weapon for weight loss. Catherine shows you how soup can fit into any diet, or any fasting regime; as well as how to keep it interesting, tasty and nutritious. Soup can rev up your metabolism and boost your nutrition.

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    Are you trying to lose weight but can’t stomach the thought of flavourless broth every day? Have you found fasting diets impossible to maintain? Catherine Saxelby’s Souped Up and Sensible will help you lose those unwanted kilos while enjoying nutritious, tasty soups.

    Who said dieting had to be hard? Tuck into a steaming bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing nicer. It warms you up both inside and out. And with its endless variations and flavours, there’s always a new kind to try. It’s certainly tasty and I bet you won’t feel like you’re dieting.

    There’s lots of solid research showing that soup is a dieter’s best friend, filling you up and keeping you satisfied for less. Soups are powerful, and they can be kept in the fridge for a few days. You can keep them in the freezer for longer! It’s time to boost your weight loss efforts by using soup.

    In Souped Up and Sensible, find out why soup is the perfect diet food and how to use it the smart sensible way. Come on a journey of discovery with Catherine and say No to the silly Cabbage Soup Diet. This is the guide for you. Full of facts and recipes to help you become Souped Up!

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    Hashtag #SoupedUp

    About Catherine Saxelby

    Catherine Saxelby, B Sc, APD, AN, FAIFST, is one of Australia's most trusted, award-winning nutritionists and food commentators. She is a ‘voice of reason' in a world full of food fads, extreme diets and trendy super foods. She has contributed to many magazines such as Healthy Food Guide, Prevention and New Idea, and has appeared on TV programs including Good Morning Australia and Today.

    She is the author of 13 books including the phenomenal Nutrition for Life (first published in 1986) and the Food and Nutrition Companion. She has a wealth of experience, having had a career as a hospital dietitian, community health nutritionist, product manager in the food industry, author, educator, freelance writer and presenter. Currently she runs an informational website at where she shares her discoveries about nutrition, diets and food trends.

    Why I wrote this book

    “On the one hand, the traditional cabbage soup diet with its days of eat-this, don’t-eat-that, makes no sense at all. Yet, on the other hand, there is solid research showing soup’s great ability to fill you up for few calories. So, I embarked on a journey of discovery to find out the how and why of all that history into soup. I spoke to researchers and writers about what it is in soup that makes it so filling and sustaining. And what a story it’s become! Grab this book and see for yourself. It’s a fascinating read.”  Catherine Saxelby

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    Book details

    ISBN: 978-0-9875521-6-7
    Format: ePUB, Mobi and PDF
    Language: English
    Number of words: 17,000
    Equivalent to: 80 pages - read in 2 hours or less
    File size : 900 KB
    Publisher: Foodwatch Nutrition Hub

    Contents – here’s what you’ll get:

    • Introduction and welcome from Catherine
    • 10 reasons why soup is your weight loss friend
    • Why a soup diet?
    • How the Kickstart Diet put soup firmly on the diet map
    • Rely on the soup facts, not the soup fads
    • Why soup works
    • Using soup sensibly
    • My Ultimate Vegetable Soup
    • My 10 other easy low-kilojoule soup recipes
    • The run-down on chilled, canned, dried and instant soups
    • Appendix 1 Nutritional guidelines on soup
    • Appendix 2 Nutrition analyses in detail
    • References

    PLUS you get bonus Cheat Sheets to help you grasp things faster. Free downloads! Don’t miss this special offer. These Cheat Sheets are not available elsewhere.


    • "Congratulations on the ebook. Soup is a wonderful, cheap and simple strategy. Kind regards, Ali."
      Alison Baldwin, APD, Senior Nutrition & Culinary Manager, Campbell Arnott's Australia
    • "The book is very interesting. I didn't know there was so much to learn about soup!"  Liz Knight

    Don’t forget you’ll get:

    • A beautifully-formatted ebook with a top design
    • Professionally-edited and expertly-proofread text that is easy to read
    • The benefit of my weeks of research into soups plus my years of experience as a dietitian.

    Still not sure? Read a sample

    Read an extract of the first pages here.

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